Loyalties Divided

A Harry Potter First War Era RP

A First War-Era Harry Potter RP
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Loyalties Divided

The year is 1978 in the Wizarding World. Ancient tensions between pureblood elitists and those with muggle blood have festered to a breaking point. The first dark rebellion has stirred the interests of hostile purebloods who walk among us as civilians and respected authority figures. They congregate in secret, in dark alleys and pubs, and even Hogwart's own halls. Their alliance is to Lord Voldemort. They are called Death Eaters.

Terrorizing innocents with savage demonstrations of dominance, Lord Voldemort is growing as a significant threat. Muggleborns and dirty bloods are taking their precautions, and have begun to shun the very name of this oppressive new force. However, there is a secret opposition composed of strong defenders of equality and the diverse; the original Order of the Phoenix. This fearless alliance has sworn to preserve the integrity and safety of their fellow wizards, regardless of status or blood. And they will gladly sacrifice their own lives for this cause.

Now, the time has come to choose your alliance. Which side will you choose?

ld_death_eaters or ld_the_order

Member List

The Order of the Phoenix

Black, Sirius: pawsibly_sirius mod
Lupin, Remus: hisfurryproblem mod
Pettigrew, Peter: trustsbetrayed
Potter, James: defiedthrice

Death Eaters


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